Markus Haug

Product Learning Specialist @ SAP

Developer.  Technologist. Cloud Enthusiast.

I’m a strong advisor, advocate, and partner to our developers, customers, and partners. I bring a unique combination of technical expertise, product knowledge, and public speaking skills to help developers learn the fundamentals, solve their toughest challenges, and pass SAP certifications all around the world. 

At SAP Learning, I’m building world-class online content and learning experiences for developers of the SAP Business Technology Platform and development topics across the SAP ecosystem.

I have SAP-specific expertise and hands-on experience with solutions such as SAP BTP, SAP BTP Extension Suite (App Development), SAP BTP Integration Suite, SAP ABAP Development (On-Premise & Cloud), SAP Cloud-Native Development with CAP, and many more.

When I’m not working in the clouds, I’m usually in, on or under the water, exploring the deep sea, catching waves or enjoying wakeboarding.