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Getting Started with ABAP in 2021

Whether you are new to ABAP or just want to learn something new this year, this blog post will give you an overview and a handful of helpful resources about all the new technologies in the ABAP cosmos. Not only the universe is expanding, but the ABAP world is also. And in recent years it has expanded faster and wider than ever before.

To describe everything you need to learn in detail would easily fill an entire bookshelf (Most likely even more). Therefore, I will give you a short overview and my personal recommendations for the best free and paid courses to master your ABAP skills!

This is my personal recommendation. There might be a ton of different other learning resources out there. I’m trying to focus on our official training offerings and tutorials. Since I am a trainer at SAP for programming and technology topics, I am very familiar with our world-class course curriculum. Therefore, I want to point out our comprehensive course curricula besides the free alternatives.

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